Dominican Divorce Details

Dominican Divorce Details
For a Dominican Divorce to be legal, one party must live in a state that accepts foreign divorces. In addition, one person must travel to the Dominican Republic for a 5 minute hearing and both parties must notarize the papers. Foreign divorces can be accepted by Unites States courts due to the fairness principle called “estoppel”, whereby both parties consent to the jurisdiction.
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  • Complete the on-line Dominican Divorce Questionnaire.
  • We type the papers and the Dominican divorce attorney completes the Spanish translation.
  • Both parties notarize the documents.
  • Mail the papers to us with “original/certified” marriage certifcate and “original/certified” birth certificates of any minor children. These will be returned after the hearing.
  • Client requests the hearing date, normally Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. The papers must be in our office at least 2 weeks prior to the hearing.
  • One party travels to the Dominican Republic for the hearing. The attorney will pick you up for the hearing.
  • The final divorce decree is completed by the Court abut 1 week after the hearing and then is translated into English.
  • The divorce must be published in the paper after the hearing.
  • Copies are then sent to both parties, along with the original certificates.


Initial fee – installment $     600
after you sign the papers $  1,150
extra per child $     100
Total (excluding children and travel expenses) $  1,750

This amount includes all attorney’s fees, filing fees, mailing fees, publishing fees, translation fees and certification fees. Travel costs to the Dominican Republic are extra.

Child Information
The Dominican Republic divorce can address issues such as child support, custody and visitation rights.

Included free is a detailed agreement addressing property and debt of the parties.

Name Change of the Wife
The Dominican Republic does not have authority to return the wife’s name to her prior name; however, this can be completed in a separate action in her home state.

Special Signing Notes

  • You must get the notaries certificate.
  • Take the certificate to the county courthouse to certify. Some states may require to complete this step with the Secretary of States Office.
  • Fax this document to us at (775) 996-2817 so we can verify it is correct.
  • If a party is outside the United States they would have to notarize the documents at a Dominican Consul of that country.


  • The attorney will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the hearing, normally scheduled at 9:00 a.m.Professional attire is required at Court.
  • After reviewing the documents and the party verbalizing their desire for the divorce, the Judge will grant the divorce. The decree will be typed and finalized about a week later with the Court.

Dominican Divorce Details

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